"I think of Heaven as a garden where I shall find again those dear ones who have made my world."
- Minnie Aumonier

Who We Are

Veterans' obituaries, feature articles and programs will be discounted 10%.

Dr. Yvette M. Giles, a published professional writer and documentarian with graduate degrees in journalism and education, has long had a passion and a penchant for uncovering hidden gems that make an individual's story fascinating and memorable.

After the death of her beloved father, WWII Veteran and retired science teacher Alphonso "Al" Giles, Dr. Yvette composed an                and                        in tribute to this remarkable man. She also created an eight-page                          as a memorial keepsake for family, friends and other funeral attendees. She discovered that taking time to honor

her dear father with words and photos to document key milestones along his life's journey was both healing and restorative.

Dr. Yvette utilizes her talents to share this healing gift with others who wish to create meaningful memorial obituaries for their loved ones or themselves that celebrate life.

Our Mission


Honoring your loved one's legacy
at an affordable price and making precious memories come to life!